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Voice Lessons


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– work technique giving you a wide range of “colors” to pull from you vocal tool box

– strengthen your “break” ie – that lovely tough spot between the chest voice and the head voice

– develop ear training and learn to sight read

– develop breath control and learn to support properly

– develop techniques that will help you to “belt your face off” without damaging your vocal chords

– develop audition technique so that you will know what to expect when you walk into an audition

– learn exercises that are tailored to your own needs to help build vocal stamina and range

– build an audition/performance book with several different songs and styles

– learn to tell a story with your song

– gain confidence that will apply to all aspects of your life!

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60 min voice lesson

Cost: $90

30 min voice lesson


*** All lessons held at Molly’s home studio. Take a tour here

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Tips from Molly’s amazing voice coach – Andrew Byrne. (Seriously guys – he has great vocal health tips.)