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Molly’s Performance Power program helps bring a sense of stage presence to your everyday life. We use techniques that have been used by actors for hundreds of years to crack open your inner awesome and get your goals accomplished with confidence, clarity and joy. Are you or any of your employees in need of a boost of Performance Power? If your answer is yes, please click here!

Molly currently has workshops and keynote speeches available for 2 audiences.

Team Performance Power

This program gives participants a better understanding their personal goals and the goals of their team. After completing these sessions they will have tools that will help improve their speaking skills, their body language, and their overall energy. Each participant will be sent a pdf recap of the session to help them retain the tools they have been given. They will leave with a sense of excitement, power, determination, and a greater ability to connect with the joy in their lives, a skill that will help them bring that joy to others. These tools are essential for public employees who want to connect with and inspire the members of their community. If your employees or co-workers need a boost of performance power email Molly at ThePreparedPerformer@gmail.com for more information.


Teen Performance Power

Let’s face it, life is hard between the ages of 13 and 19. Teens are being pulled in many directions and it’s difficult to know which way to go when you’re still discovering who you are. Working as a teen leader in your community is a gift that can help not only those around us, but the leaders themselves. The teen leaders will work to discover their own personal “Awesome”, and find ways to recognize and celebrate the Awesome in others. Utilizing Improv games and techniques practiced by professional performers, we will teach these teen leaders how to jump in and bring their best to the table. These young leaders will leave with a greater sense of confidence in expressing themselves and inspiring those around them. And, this program can come right to you! Email Molly at ThePreparedPerformer@gmail.com