One Happy Secret Pal

August 1, 2009 by admin

So… I’ve been doing a 3 month knitting/crocheting gift exchange.  I’ve had a great time.  My first package arrived a few days ago.  She sent me some beautiful brown yarn, which I LOVE!  I’ve worked with bamboo and wool before, but never with a bamboo wool blend.  She also sent some wool friendly soap which (I hate to admit) I’ve never used. But, I’m sure once I start, I will be hooked.   She suggested a cowl or hat with this yarn and I definitely think I’ll embark on a detailed knit cowl.   I have a few projects to finish first, but I’ll be sure to post pics when I put it on my needles.


  1. I think a cowl will be perfect. I'm so glad that you liked it. You know, the wool wash is nice to use every now and then, but I find myself using regular dish soap more often.