On the Road

May 13, 2009 by admin

It’s been too long since I’ve visited my blog.  I was super excited yesterday, because I thought I figured out how to post a blog from my phone!  As it turns out – it didn’t work. wa wahhh – oh well, this is the post I intended to make yesterday : )

  The show is now on a much needed break. We’ve had this three week lay-off scheduled since the begining of our contract.  Although, the idea unemployment is not
 fantastic…. 3 weeks without tights, pin curls, wigs, fake eyelashes, or heels is MAGICAL!
  We’re starting our vaca by driving from Kentucky to
 California.  Yesterday, we drove about 10 hours. I crocheted another little
pre-wedding gifty for my sis…

 and… a Rasta hat for my sis’s dog!  She and her fiance asked for one… I think it looks more like a chef hat, but, hopefully once Tanks little beagle head is under it, we’ll all be singing songs of freedom.
  Last night, we had dinner at a lovely Waffle House and stayed at a glamourous Motel 6.  In the morning we found a Starbucks in an Oklahoma City Mall.  It was at that Starbucks when I heard my favorite road trip quote so far.

 Elderly Oklahomian: I’ll have a… a… grande… a whaddya call it… le-TAH?
 His son: NO! It’s a le-TAY! Uh… I mean LA-tay

  Bless the Oklahoma latte men! They made me smile.