Nuno Felting

July 9, 2012 by admin

Finished Nuno Felted Pieces

Today, I was able to share the beautiful art of Nuno Felting with 9 fantastic gals. I’ve dreamt of using our Eichler atrium for classes like this for 2 years now, but I had not had a chance to put it use. It was fantastic! My husband seriously out did himself when he set up our atrium as a crafting studio that could handle wet felting.

Nuno Felting was invented/discovered by a woman named Polly Stirling in the early 1990’s. One takes bits of fluffy wool, coaxes it through a piece of gauzy woven fabric (most often silk) and then uses hot water and agitation to make a beautiful light weight piece of fabric!

It is truly a magical experience – every time.  AND it’s a process that forces me to be patient and have faith – because I always doubt that it will work.  However, when the proper steps are followed, it works.  I’m super proud of the gals in my class because they ALL ended up with truly beautiful solid pieces of fabric.

Here’s some photos and a fun video of the process.


Pre Felting Mimosas : )

molly made

We made felted flowers first so they could get the feel of the whole “felting” thing.


Molly Made Felting Classes in Orange County

Hard at work…

Orange County Felting Classes

Emily and her sweet Nuno Felted Flower Piece!

Nuno Felting Classes Orange


All of the competed pieces. So beautiful!

Nuno Felted Classes


Oh! And – here’s the video of us making a mess by chucking our scarves at the ground…