Kids Krochet

July 30, 2009 by admin

As you’d imagine, there are kids that travel with us on the Chitty tour.  One of the girls, Aly Brier, has been interested in crocheting since day one.  I love kids, and I have worked with a few that I still keep in touch with. Aly will definitely be on the top of that list.  AND… as of last Saturday, she officially Crochets!
   Her birthday is coming up, so I decided I wanted to take her out on a special Birthday date, and finally teach her to crochet.  We had so much fun, and she seriously has a knack for working with yarn. She picked it up so well and really seemed to love it.  We already have a date planned to go to a shop in NYC so she can get yarn to make an AFGAN as a gift for a family member. How great is that?  
   Here are a few pics from our date at Johnny Rockets in Denver.

Watch her go!  I also love that her hair is in braids so it can go under her wig.

She had never had a ROOT BEER FLOAT!  She loved it : )

Great day!