In my mind I’m going to Carolina

April 4, 2009 by admin

     This week, the tour took us to Raleigh, North Carolina.  The whole week was filled with loveliness.  Dirk Lumbard, a friend in the cast had us over to his house in the country.  He and his partner, Andy Ferrell have the most elegant, beautiful home!  I’ve included a few pictures which, really, just don’t even begin to do it justice.  We spent the day on porch swings, in rocking chairs, and ate a perfect home cooked meal.  It’s so strange how much we miss the simple things, like having a kitchen.

    I also was able to make it to a shop I’d been looking forward to checking out called Panopolie.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shop like it.  Half of the shop was a normal bead store, but the rest of the shop and so many specialty craft items.  Scrapbook items, little glass window boxes, loads of roving, metal working materials, watch parts, charms, vintage watch clasps, keys, and loads and loads of charms.  They offer classes and were very helpful.  The gal behind the counter’s name was Mollie.  She was super sweet and said she might come to the show.
   I have roving with me on the road, and I’ve felted a bit, but the roving I bought here inspired me to make these little felted flower headbands.  They’ve made me so happy.  I’ve started posted them on Etsy and I’ll be sure to post more soon.
    We head to Philadelphia on Monday.  I’m sure it will be great, but I’m seriously not looking forward to leaving the 70 degree weather or the Southern hospitality we’ve enjoyed in Raleigh.