Dayton, Ohio

February 21, 2009 by admin

I’ve been very bad at updating this poor little blog!  Things have been crazy on the road.  Most importantly……… I’M ENGAGED! My wonderful bass playing man proposed in Chicago on February 8th.  He put the ring in this amazing star shaped box and painted the inside with blue sparkly paint so it looks like the stage from the first show we did together.  We couldn’t be happier.  Our dreams of someday opening a dance/music/acting studio with a yarn store/coffee shop/performance space attached continue to grow. He even has a knitting machine which he is slowly learning to use! Life is good.

    Now…. yarn stores.  I was very excited when I saw that google had a yarn shop listed in downtown Dayton Ohio.  It’s called the Yarn and Needle and it’s on Main street.  UNFORTUNATELY I walked back and forth in front of what I thought would be 49 S Main Street about 100 times and could not find the shop.  I eventually called and learned that google was wrong.  This shop was actually in a suburb of Dayton, and about a 15 minute drive.  We are not provided with cars on this tour, so I never made it to the Yarn and Needle.  The theatre itself was lovely, but Downtown Dayton itself really didn’t have too much to offer. 
    I, however, did find two great vintage clothing stores.  One (Feathers Vintage Clothing) was in the Oregon District and the other (The Look) was a short cab ride away near the University.
    It’s probably a good thing I didn’t make it to a LYS, my suitcase is packed with yarn.