Craftiness and Musical Theatre Come together to make Willy Wonka Magic.

July 30, 2010 by admin

You might remember this post about the performing arts studio I went to as a kid.  It’s called The Music Room and I am so lucky to have grown up in such a supportive loving fun environment. They are now in their 25th year and running stronger than ever.  Now, I’m back at The Music Room as a teacher/director.
The production of Willy Wonka Jr. I co-directed and choreographed opened last night at the Fairmont Private School in Anaheim. They were serious Rock Stars!

 We have 2 more shows and they are almost sold out!

With only three weeks to put up the show, we did some seriously collaborating.  Here’s how we made a few of the tricky sets and costumes work…

 CANDY GIRLS! I’ll Be posting a tutorial on these headbands soon.
 Wonka with a giant Molly Made needle felted flower with wool from Suzoos Wool Works.
 AGUSTUS! The first ticket winner!  Our fantastic set designer David built a giant TV that sat on stage right thru the entire first act. It worked very well. Especially when Augustus leapt out of the screen to steal a kiddos candy.

 Happy Birthday Charlie! I love our little Bucket family and their newspaper birthday hats!

 Varuca Salt wins a golden ticket!
Mike Tee Vee wins a Golden Ticket.
There’s no Knowing when you are on Board the USS Pink!  We used a strobe light, black light and disco lights to create this creepy effect. 
Violet! You’re turning Violet Violet! We used a Blow up Pumpkin Costume underneath this blue fabric. I can’t believe how well it worked! Our parent volunteers are the best!

Oompa Lompas! In the Lion Brand Yarn wigs they made all by themselves! 
SQUIRRELS! These tails really worked after lots of hemming and hawing. There are little slits cut in the back of their hoodies and an elastic band is slipped thru and tied at the waist. They had to quick change out of their Oompa cotumes… hence the green tights : )
Charna and Melissa! An amazing directing team to work with.   Sporting our new Molly Made Peppermint clips, of course :  )
*** Willy Wonka Jr. is available thru MTI if you are interested in putting it up with kids of your own***

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  1. too funny. congratulations on the show!