February 22, 2009 by admin

We were scheduled to take a bus from Dayton, Ohio to Hunstville, Alabama. The day before our trip, I convinced three of the girls on tour to go in on a rental car so that we could drive ourselves to Alabama.  I must’ve had some sort of psychic premonition because the bus BROKE DOWN! Boy, were we lucky!   The poor group was stuck at a gas station for three hours.  We, on the other hand, slept in and had a fantastic southern meal at The Loveless Cafe just outside of Nashville and arrived in Alabama around the same time as the rest of the company.  Crazy!

    I was unable to keep the car for the rest of the week. So, a yarn shop was out of the question. I did manage to take a cab to an Anthropologie at a nearby mall, but that’s a whole ‘nother addiction. 
    A week later we flew from Hunstville to Boston.  I can’t tell you how great it was to hear loud buses on dirty streets.  And… there was a great shop only a few blocks from our hotel!  Windsor Button had a large varied selection of yarn, a HUGE book selection, and an even BIGGER selection of notions and needles.  I bought several skeins ( ahhhh) but my most favorite is definitely the Brown Sheep Burly Spun.  I made a cowl (at the top of the page) the next day and I still have over half of the skein left!  I was generally happy with the selection at this shop, but it didn’t have the warmth of other yarn shops I’ve visited.  It felt more like a large chain store that happened to have high end yarn in addition to more generic brands.  The woman was very helpful, but also very cold. I guess I’m just used to the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes along with a local shop.  
    In addition to the yarn I purchased I also bought a book I had been looking for called “The Sweater Workshop.”  I’m still a new knitter and while I can read all sorts of crocheting patterns, so I think this will the perfect trick for getting me into sweater making.  If I find the time and the patience.   
    It’s been a few weeks since we were in Boston, and I recently came across a blog and podcast called It’s a Purl, Man. It is filled with great info on knitting/wooly goodness in the Boston area and wooly goodness in general.   From what I’ve read on his blog I am most sad that I missed the Boston Handmade Downtown.  According to their map, I must’ve passed it on my way to Windsor Button! Boo! I love supporting other artists.   Oh well… at least I know it’s there for the next time I’m in Boston.
   The next stop on our tour is San Antonio! I’m sure I will be very happy with the warm weather and the RIVER WALK, but I’ve yet to find a yarn shop near my hotel.
    Happy Crafting