Ashley Anklets – My solution to the Socks and Heels Dilemma

May 3, 2010 by admin

    I often think about the silly questions I’ve asked throughout my life.  When I was a kid, I remember being cast in a production at The Music Room School of Performing Arts and asking if I should wear lacy socks with my heels.  It was clearly ridiculous cause adults didn’t wear lacy socks with heels, and I would be playing an adult part in a children’s theatre production.  I learned that I should wear tights with heels, and didn’t look back. 

    Roughly ten years ago, I went to England on a theatre tour with my college theatre department.  On our flight home, something magical happened.   Dancer in the Dark had just been released and they played it on our plane. Mid trip we realized Bjork was actually on our plane, in first class and in the flesh.  I will always remember sobbing my brains out as I watched that amazing movie, knowing she was on the flight with us.  Pretty surreal.

    I will also always remember seeing her in the airport waiting for her luggage.  She had little ribbons tied around her ankles. I’ve seen millions of anklets, but this was different because she had the same ribbon on each ankle. I fell in love with the idea. I know she can be 100% crazy with her fashion choices, but this was super duper cute. 
   A few years later, while working on a cruise ship, I frequently sported this Bjork inspired fashion choice.  Loved it.
   I’ve been thinking a lot about this “wearing socks with heels” trend that seems to be back in style.   I busted out a pair of socks to wear with my heels last time I was in New York, and I realized:
A –  It makes heels much more comfortable.  Especially for walking all over NYC.   
B –   It draws attention to the ankle, and therefor the shoe. And… I happen to love several pairs of shoes, so drawing attention to them is not a bad thing.  
BUT… I don’t know if I’m always going to want to go for the whole sock in heel thing because:
A.  It covers up a new pedicure (when and if I take the time to get one)
B.   I wanted ruffled socks in a last minute fashion decision and couldn’t find them anywhere near our apartment in NYC.  I ended up going with plain ankle crew socks which worked, but left me a little unfulfilled.  (I eventually found them here a few days later and have since seen them all over the internet… but still at the time it was a fashion emergency left resolved)
C.  I don’t want to be mistaken for one whose wearing socks with birkenstocks.  
      The cons started to outweigh the pros in the Socks and Heels Dilemma.  
      I needed a solution. 
      I turned to my trusty crochet hook for inspiration, and decided I needed to crochet JUST the ruffled trim of the lacy sock.  Take the childhood sense of sockwear and combine it with what I learned from Bjork so many years ago.  
    While Mulling over this design in my head I read SnaggleTooth’dTrippleStep’s recent blog post about socks and heels.  I knew something needed to be done… soon.  
     Knowing that Miss TrippleStep’s Bridal Shower was approaching I thought this’d be the perfect time to bring these beauties into existence. So… I put these together for her and I’m totally in love.  
I loved them so much… I even made myself a pair!

Expect to see these in all sorts of shades on the shelves of my shop.


  1. Lira says:

    Super cute! I LOVE these!
    Might I suggest using a metallic thread for one of your sets AND showing what they look like with a full 40s inspired outfit? The closeups are great, but I bet seeing them from far away will add an optical illusion effect that will surprise the admirers who venture closer to compliment the accessories! Great work, Molly!!

  2. Molly Made says:

    Thanks so much Lira. I actually just finished a pair that are made with a metalic/mohair blend. Sparkling bits are definitely on their way.
    And… yes! I really do need to do some full body shots. Love the idea of an optical illusion effect! I also need to do some shots with other models! : ) I'm sure people are sick of seeing all these goodies on me.

  3. Molly Made says:

    and… clearly I meant metallic not metalic : )

  4. OMG!!! Love love love them! I must have a pair…or two or three :) Cute!

  5. Molly Made says:

    I'm obsessed with them! I can't wait to get more pics up. And… love your sweet blog Alison. We need to get together and make stuff!

  6. Ashley says:

    I can't help but swoon over the name of these ankle tassels!!!

    Love them, and can't wait to wear them!!!!