All You Knit Is Love……..

February 24, 2009 by admin

  This summer, I was lucky enough to fly to Europe to visit my fiance who was working on a cruise ship.  We went to many amazing places (someday I’ll have to write about Croatia which knocked my socks off).  But our best day was spent in Barcelona.  We had only a day and still managed to fit in sight seeing, farmers market food eating, beach bathing, AND YARN SHOPPING.  For some reason the shop that we went to keeps popping up in my head and heart so… here’s some info and some pics from their website.

THESE ARE FROM THEIR BLOG.  The artist is Daniela Edburg.

I wish I could read the blog…. but it’s all in Spanish.  I do love the pics tho!

No explanation needed for this amazingness.

And this…. which might have been my favorite part of the shop.  Is the bag my yarn came in!!!  I mean come on!! How happy is this bag?

    I can’t say enough about how much I loved this shop.  It is by far the happiest LYS I have ever visited. And… I took home a few very nice skeins. Do yourself a favor, check out their shop and read their lovely story.
           AND….. They were very crochet and needle felt friendly too!