A Heavenly Tuesday

February 9, 2010 by admin

2 weeks ago JD had a recording gig in Milwaukee so I was lucky enough to spend the day exploring 3 of my favorite things… coffee, yarn, and vintage clothing… I couldn’t believe these three things all existed in one little strip mall a few blocks from his recording studio…

While at Altera Coffee I enjoyed a beautiful 16 oz triple skim 1 pump mocha (my current drink of choice) and a breakfast burrito (my eternal breakfast of choice). Altera also has amazing Espresso Milkshakes if you ever get a chance. I then made my way to Loop. I had an order to fill and needed some lux green yarn. I found exactly what I needed…
Blue Sky Alpaca

Which became…
and Tahki Baby (LOVE!!!) mixed with a mohair baby kid

which became…

I then headed to ReThreads for part two of my fantastic day. More on that tomorrow : )
******** A bit about Loop – I’ve been there before and it is a truly lovely shop. Very Knit AND Crochet friendly, and also needle felting materials (which I love). It reminds me of a bigger Purl Soho in NYC or oddly enough Loop in Philly. All three shops are crisp and white and neatly organized. My only complaint is that they don’t have a swift or a yarn winder. I had such a lovely time in the shop (I was there for about an hour comparing green yarns) and I really wanted to start working with the blue sky right away. I was totally bummed when they said they didn’t wind yarn. Yes, I can do it by hand, and yes I have my own swift at home… but having at least one skein wound on the spot is such a simple basic finishing touch to a LYS experience.


  1. Ashley says:

    Can I come next time?

  2. Molly Made says:

    PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!!! I ended up going to another shop that day that was even more heavenly! Did you like the Purl shout out. I still have your Purl xmas gift! Argh!

  3. Jmarls80 says:

    I love seeing the before-and-after! You're fantastic.